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Spiral Guard Standard Black


Spiral Guard is a light weight product that is a cost effective way of protecting your hoses and cables from abrasion and impact.

Because of the expanding nature of the product it is possible to wrap individual hoses as well as bundles of hoses in a loom.

The product has been designed with rounded edges for ease of fitment and no sharp edges means no chance of cutting the hose.

Key Features

  • Exceptional anti-crushing and abrasion resistance
  • Suitable for use in temperature ranges of -100° C to +100° C
  • Easy to fit – does not cause injury
  • U.V. resistant
  • Suitable for single or multiple hose bundles
  • Can be easily fitted on site without removal of hoses
  • Self lubricating to reduce wear on hoses and cables
  • Greatly extends the working life of hydraulic hoses
  • Distinctive colours and clear printing of the product


Tested to international standards of ISO 6805. MSHA approved to MSHA IC-213/2. Flame retardant Spiral Guard™ can be utilized in a large variety of Industries

Sample Part
Colour Nominal Diameter (inside diameter) (mm) Wrapping Range Hose Inside Diameter 1-Wire 2-Wire Multi Spiral Dash Size
Unit of
(Ex. GST)
Stock Quantity Total
SGX90BK Black 80 80-150mm - No No No -
$ 0.00 Check
SGX75BK Black 65 65-90mm 2 Yes Yes Yes -32
$ 0.00 Check
SGX63BK Black 52 52-65mm - - - - -
$ 0.00 Check
SGX50BK Black 44 44-65mm 1 1⁄4 Yes Yes Yes -20
$ 0.00 Check
SGX40BK Black 33 33-44mm 1 Yes Yes Yes -16
$ 0.00 Check
SGX32BK Black 27 27-33mm 5⁄8 Yes Yes Yes -10
$ 0.00 Check
SGX25BK Black 21 22-28mm 1/4 Yes Yes Yes -4
$ 0.00 Check
SGX20BK Black 16 16-22mm 1⁄4 No Yes No -4
$ 0.00 Check
SGX16BK Black 13 13-17mm 1⁄4 Yes No No -4
$ 0.00 Check
SGX12BK Black 9 9-13mm 3⁄16 Yes No No -3
$ 0.00 Check
SGX110BK Black 150 150mm+ - - - - -
$ 0.00 Check
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