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SW L Series Sleeve Web


Light Duty sleeve web provides light duty protection which is ideal for irregular shaped parts. It stretches easily to twice its diameter.
It's elasticity properties allow it to pull tight around small sections. Sleeve-web is inexpensive, attractive & easily applied to long narrow items such as wires, glass rods, tubing, furniture and rolled paper.

Web thickness is approx. 1 mm.
Can be cut to length 30-350 mm

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Sample Part
To Fit mm Roll Size meter
Unit of
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Stock Quantity Total
SW80100L 100-200 100Metres
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SW80075XL 75-150 250 Metres
$ 0.00 Check
SW80075L 75-125 100Metres
$ 0.00 Check
SW50050L 50-100 250 Metres
$ 0.00 Check
SW50040L 40-150 250 Metres
$ 0.00 Check
SW50025L 25-80 250 Metres
$ 0.00 Check
SW20025L 25-50mm 250 Metres
$ 0.00 Check
SW20012L 12-40 250 Metres
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