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1.2mm Continuous Hinge

1.2mm Continuous Hinge
1.2mm Continuous Hinge

Our 1.2mm continuous hinges can be applied in terms of riveting, screwing or welding for positioning. It is ideal for lightweight furniture, cabinet enclosures and sheet metal fabrication. We supply light weight 1.2mm continuous hinges in both drilled and undrilled models. The drilled holes suit best for countersunk No.6 screws.

Applications and Benefits of 1.2mm Continuous Hinge

  • It is a light duty continuous hinge model.
  • Provided with or without drilled holes.
  • Drilled model suits best to be fixed with countersunk No.6 screws.
  • It is supplied in 2X10 20mm length packages.
  • It is adaptable for riveting, screwing, and welding to bring it into position.
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493542 38 2 Stainless Steel
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493541 38 1 Stainless Steel
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493540 38 2 Steel
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493539 38 1 Steel
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493538 32 2 Stainless Steel
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493537 32 1 Stainless Steel
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493536 32 2 Steel
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493535 32 1 Steel
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